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Show us your collection! This month Sword Dude
Posted by Paul F on July 05, 2015

Q:Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Enschede in the Netherlands but for the last 8 years I've been living in Nijmegen wich is also in the Netherlands.
Q: How long have you been collecting?
I started collecting in august 2013 during the summer vacation for some nostalgia reason. It was actually thanks to the super smash series that I started collecting. I've been collecting for almost 2 years pretty new for a collector but I've learned quite allot during these 2 years and collecting is allot of fun. It was thanks to the super smash series that I started collecting since I wanted to see where characters from other franchises come from especially the fire emblem franchise since marth was my favorite character. already had a fire emblem game starring marth 3 years before collecting and I liked the game since it reminded me of a fire emblem game I played in the past. So during the summer of 2013 I was hunting for older mario and fire emblem games. During this time I realized how hard it was since especially the fire emblem games are really expensive. Also I could not even buy the wii fire emblem title since they did not sell it in stores anymore.
So my journey begun to hunt down games from the past began with nintendo. I saw this shop that bought retro games for steady prices no matter what the condition it was in. I abused that in the beginning  These days I don't use that shop anymore but I do remember sending them a package each week. This system worked fairly well to get games for free while making some. Managed to get allot of gamecube and gba games cib for free in excellent shape. I am always pretty picky regarding condition so I always want everything to be cib in excellent shape and if there are some exclusive inlays for a game like vip points etc if it's not there I'll won't keep it.
In the beginning I collected gamecube, gba, nintendo ds and wii wich worked out rather nicely.
After a short while 2 months after i started collecting I went over to playstation since apparently they had some castlevania games for the ps1 wich looked simular to the metroidvania games on the gba. Didn't see any good ps1 games and the only one that I wanted atm was castlevania symphony of the night wich was expensive apparently. Strangely enough i did found the ce in excellent shape cib for 75 euro nearby. Was pretty pleased and my journey for ps1 had begun since after that game I realised there were also quality titles on the playstation.
Later on I managed to snagged a sega megadrive deal in. It was a console that I played with my friends back in the day and also the megadrive had allot of nice games so i also collected sega. Many deals followed after that deal since it was way easier to find sega games than nintendo deals even though there are way less deals to be made.
For N64 and pre era nintendo stuff I never had that much luck but I did find some deals over the years. Luckily I now have nice cib consoles for n64 and snes with a handfull of games that I wanted the most for bargain prices. I am a quality collector and only collect games that are worth it to play. i also try to get games for free or for a bargain price. It makes it more fun to add a game to the collection. For some exceptions I might just pay the full price.
During my collecting days i learned there were allot of franchises that I did not like in the past but are actually really good but I never gave those games a chance. I also discovered allot of unknown games franchises wich I did not know of back in the day.
Anyways I must say that I did not expect to have the collection that I have today and most of it I got for free or for bargain prices. I have managed to get pretty much all the games I wanted the most and way more but since I am a collector with the knowledge I still have a long way to go to get everything I want since there are so many games out there.
Also for collecting games I pretty much never visit any flea markets except on kings day. You will pretty much never find any good deals and probably nothing at all except if you live in the us where there are garage sales everywhere. Flea markets cost allot of time and is not worth the effort. Don't mind though since there are plenty of deals to make online can't complain never expected to get these quality of games online for such bargain prices had many lucky streaks even recently wich I will never find in flea markets in the same condition. Online is he way to go for condition and deals. You might not get games for a buck or two but if you play it smart you will make a profit or the games will only cost you a buck or two in the end.
My advice to many collectors except for US collectors is to probably not go to a flea market. It is not worth your time you will probably not find any excellent condition items if you manage to find anything. The problem with flea markets is that people do not take good care of the stuff they will sell so cardboard boxes etc will crush etc etc. Also as far as I'm concerned these days it is better to make deals online than on flea markets. Flea markets have the potential to be extremely cheap but in reality 9 of the 10 times you will find nothing at all and pretty much near impossible to find stuff in excellent shape.
Also for online deals it is logical that stuff is usually in better condition since the stuff is at the person's home. way more chance for nice condition stuff than on a flea market where the stuff has to be shipped to the location.
Only go to flea markets if it's a really big one or if it's nearby and free.

Q: What is your favorite video game franchise and why?
Super smash bros series.
Super smash bros melee was the first game I owned. Back in the day I bought a GameCube console with super smash bros melee from my allowance didn't have that much so I did spend all of it never regretted it 
I always played super smash melee with my friends even during birthday parties after the main event my friends sticked around afterwards so we could play this game tourney mode etc.. Also I was the best guy of the bunch. Was fox in the beginning but I changed to Marth later on. We pretty much played that game for hours also brawl but that was much later on.
The super smash series is a fantastic series and out of any games I've played I've spend way more time on super smash than all the other games combined ( wich includes pokemon etc). It's a really fun game to play with friends but I've also had some other games back in the day such as Mario kart double dash.
Super smash bros is not fun to play alone If you play the game alone you'll be bored in some hours but with a friend It's really addicting and you can play the game pretty much all day long without realizing that.
The super smash series are high quality games. Allot of stuff to do addicting. You can play casually with items on high or competively no items since the smash bros series has allot of techs and skills to master. Especially the tourney mode is allot of fun you could play with 256 people at once or more if you chose that much and make it a KO tournament. In the most recent super smash the online mode works really well so even if you don't have friends who plays this game you can still find your challenging opponents online .
Allot of characters (excellent characters from your favorite franchises) smash brothers is actually a game to promote other Nintendo franchises wich works out pretty nicely It's done It's job pretty well. there is just so much to do not many things to say really, I think other smash players know what I am talking about. Excellent franchise no comments Best game franchise of all time.
My favorite smash bros game is melee for the GameCube.
following reasons:
- First smash game nostalgia
- Marth was one of the best characters
- Pokémon released out of poke balls no limit cap you could have 50+ Pokémon out on the field at once for some chaotic poke battles. from brawl on the poke ball cap was 3 -_-.
- Sound effects of cast was way better than more recent smash bros games especially fox and yoshi and Ganondorf especially his taunt  Also all the stage music etc are more nostalgia than the recent smash bros games.
- More techs L cancel wave dashing etc.
Never had the n64 version of the game until recently melee is better than the n64 version by far probably even if I did play super smash 64 back in the day.
Q: Getting back to collecting, what is your favorite game, or piece, in your collection?
That's a tough question.
I'd have to say It's a tie between my older castlevania and fire emblem games
castlevania symphony of the night ps1
castlevania harmony of dissonosance
castlevania aria of sorrow
castlevania portrait of ruin ds
castlevania dawn of sorrow ds
Fire emblem games
fire emblem shadow dragon ds
fire emblem  the sacred stones gba
fire emblem blazing sword  gba
fire emblem path of radiance gamecube
fire emblem radiant dawn wii
Those are definitely my favorite games pieces in my collection same league as the smash bros series.
They might not be the most expensive or rare games but these are some games That I enjoyed the most and I spend hours on playing since all of them are outstanding games but also personal favorites of my collection. Especially on the fire emblem games I wasted allot of hours grinding at arena's boss abusing etc and dying wich ***** since you'll have to start all over again 
 Q: Do you have any odd games or hidden gems you would encourage people to try?
Dragonball advanced adventure is a game that a hidden gba gem in my opinion. played it back in the day with a friend allot of nostalgia glad to have found it once again.
It's a 2d action game but also a 2d fighting games with 1 vs 1 combat mode wich can be played against each other. The graphics are excellent the game play is excellent.
The adventure part is fun but the best thing about the game is the 1 vs 1 mode wich also appears during the story mode during fights with some main characters etc etc.
Fun game especially on the big screen especially with a friend but even alone the game is excellent. Also the game can be challenging on hard mode and will not be easy at all. There are remakes for the wii etc but those are easy they **** by far not the same quality as the first one for the gba.
Video for the vs mode with my favorite character jackie chun. also an must have for fans of the original dragonball series.

adventure mode: 2nd part of vid footage of a 1 vs 1 battle

Also a piece of advice best way to play this game.
Do not play this game on a gba console if you really want to fully enjoy this game. well actually pretty much all gba collectors play their games on a small gba screen. Not that kind of person myself I prefer the big screen I do not understand why people prefer a tiny gba screen 
A TV screen with at least a component insert. av insert is also a ok but with component cable the graphics are way better and sharper.
A GameCube console
A GameCube game boy player
a gba adapter
GameCube component cable
2 copies of the gba games dragon ball advanced adventure
GBA console
Best way to play this game against somebody and allot of fun of course it can be played on a small screen but as a gba gamer I never play my games on a small screen I much rather play my gba games on the big screen wich is way more enjoyable.
Also I recommend trying out second samurai for the megadrive.
An excellent action plat former beat em up with bosses wich you can play with a friend.
Be warned You might just kill each other in real live for power ups and food also if you don't chance the game mode you can even kill each other during in game play 
gameplay second samurai

Medabots an rpg adventure rokusho or metabee version gba
A suprisingly excellent rpg slightly different than a regular rpg but definitly a game worthwhile trying also a game from the past. nice overworld to explorer and potential to play against friend many things to abuse 
I also recommend using the tv setup like dragonball advanced adventure.
gameplay footage medabots also a must have for fans of the anime series.

Q:What is your favorite video game find?
There are many great finds really a hard choice.
I'd have to stick with a snes sega deal. It might not be my best deal by far but it is a nice find with some nice games.
Castlevania IV for the snes cib excellent shape
zelda a link to the past excellent shape cib with map etc
phantasy star III cib excellent shape
phantasy star II cib excellent shape
star flight with map cib excellent shape
gajn sword cib excellent shape
wonderboy 3 cib excellent shape
sword of vermillion cib excellent shape
the games Costed me 2,50 euro a piece in the end.
Value wise I've gotten way better deals by far but to get these kind of quality games for these prices is pretty insane one of my favorite pickups since there were allot of games that I really wanted.
Managed to get both the Phantasy star series for the sega and the best snes games that I wanted the most in one shot all in excellent shape.
It's always nice to find these kind of deals they do not come up very often. lucky me that the former owner strangely enough did not use these game and focused himself on games like sim city wich was in terrible shape btw, since all these games looked to be unused even the boxes. Snes stuff for bargain prices is impossible these days.

Q: What is your favorite video game memory?
when I was 10 years old and my parents were buying a new car at some really huge 2nd hand car shop. I'm talking 10 football field + huge half of the space a huge building other half outside. They had this arcade machine for Raiden I luckily no coin slot so it was free. Played this game with my little brother who was 5 at the time. 2 player game pretty nice shoot em up really fun to play at the time. You can imagine how bad the little guy was. Never got past stage 2 at the time  Still looking for this game for the ps1 the Raiden project. I wonder what happened with the Raiden arcade machine at that shop.
Playing sonic 2 and second samurai on the sega mega drive with an old friend the whole day long like there was no tomorrow back in the good old days. With second samurai we always argued who would be the cool samurai guy and who would be the lame girl since you cannot both be the guy. We also had a competition who would get the food as fast as possible since you would eat chickens and apples for health etc always fighting for the power ups etc. Especially for the chicken we tried to get it as fast as possible. It's a game were team work is pretty important wich is not always the case in my part  you can also kill each other in game if you don't chance the in game settings 
I was pretty pleased when I added this game by accident in the collection. The game is pretty expensive for a sega game never knew the name so I'm pretty pleased that I've found this hidden gem of nostalgia once again. I realised it when I looked at the back when I had the game. When I played it I realized it was this very game that I played back in the day.

Q: What are your favorite 10 games of all-time?
Tough one many great games Might need a bigger list but if I have to chose these are the 10
1 Super smash bros melee
Best game of all time explained above.
2 Fire emblem shadow dragon/fire emblem blazing sword
Fire emblem shadow dragon DS highest difficulty of all fire emblem games, Marth as main character and nostalgia.
fire emblem blazing sword GBA: amazing classic graphics and game mechanics.
3 Pokémon heart gold & soul silver ds. 
Best Pokémon game ever made by far. 16 gyms 2 maps good graphics but more importantly the best cast in the entire series. Trainer red, blue, green professor oak the iconic gym leaders etc, best music including the classic ones wich you can turn on or off etc etc. Best in the series I don't think there will be a better Pokémon game. Pokémon yellow would be 2nd since that one is the closest to the anime with team rocket's jessie and james the original rival gary oak and ash ketchum and gary with his cheesy lines. however heart gold and soul silver come closer to the original manga where ash is red and gary is green swapped should be blue not that I care anyways.
Also really fond memories playing these games against other friends etc discovering secrets fighting on the big screen with Pokémon battle revolution for the Wii who had the best teams etc. Most of the time I won that as well had the best team overall.
4: super mario galaxy 1 and 2 wii
In my humble opinion the best mario 3d series of all time. I was amazed. I do remember that me and my best friend would compete against each other to buy the game as soon as it came out and beat it as fast as possible to get a 100% all stars + secrets.
Mario galaxy 1 was harder but only thanks to a few really annoying level's. I've won both rounds and beated the game in 1 week since we had plenty of time last week before summer for mario galaxy 2 those were the good old days.
5: Mario kart double dash 
Best Mario kart game of the entire franchise. Best battle modes with bomb blast wich never occurred in any future Mario kart game ever again wich is a shame one of the most fun battle modes on Mario kart to play with friends. Also the special items for certain characters the double partner system. Also the stages are awesome best Mario kart in the series better than the most recent one.
6: Mario & luigi super star saga series up to dream team bros 3ds.
One of my favorite franchises is the Mario rpg series. Excellent games rpg elements great cast. Mario & Luigi are way more funny than any other Mario games . The stories and soundtracks are memorable. Not many things to say but I highly recommend people for playing these games even the newer games for these series keep the quality up with some amusing stories and game play.
7: Mario smash football GameCube
Pricesless football game to play with friends beating each other up to win the game and score some points a true classic. The wii version pales in comparison to the original on the gamecube. The wii version isn't that great of a game at all.
8: Castlevania symphony of the night
I've played the other ones on the gba on the big screen but the king remains to be symphony of the night for the ps1. excellent game I really enjoyed playing this game. excellent soundtracks and gameplay exploration with rpg elements.
9: dragon ball advanced adventure
Excellent game nostalgia not many things to say. excellent graphics 2 player mode challenge.
10: second samurai
Might not be the best mega drive game but I've enjoyed this game quite allot back in the day with a friend definitely one of the better mega drive games. Even now as a collector I have to say that this is one of the better beat em up games for the mega drive and also available to play with 2 guys where you would probably kill each other  So many way to annoy your partner and it is a very difficult game.
Recent collection pics

My VG collect link on the bottom is a more accurate way to see wich games I have.
Also some sega and nintendo suit cases but not on pics since i store those in another room.


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