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August 13, 2014¤ by Tim81DE 

It's fine. We get it. There isn't enough time in one life to play or finish every game out there. Though is there a particular one, or even a few titles, you've started but never been able to finish? Follow the link to discuss with us.

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July 28, 2014¤ by Tim81DE 

As a kid I dreamed of playing sports when I grew up. Reality struck, and here I am. Though it didn't stop me from living my dream on the virtual field.

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Game User Points Date
Ghosts 'N Goblins Benihana 27,300 17-Aug-14
Legendary Wings Benihana 39,900 17-Aug-14
Bomberman Benihana 40,100 12-Aug-14
Battletoads Benihana 306,500 11-Aug-14
Tetris 2 Benihana 32,410 10-Aug-14
Klax Mog 246,850 03-Aug-14
Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road Benihana 1,010,000 27-Jul-14
Paperboy Mog 37,850 24-Jul-14
Rolling Thunder Mog 21,580 24-Jul-14
Operation Wolf Mog 27,050 24-Jul-14

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